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Massage Therapy

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Our licensed massage therapist has been practicing since 2016. She is educated in a variety of techniques suited for optimal healing and wellness. She listens to her patients so that they receive personalized care.

Our therapist offers a variety of therapeutic techniques for pain management and overall wellness. This includes:

Cupping Massage

Custom Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Prenatal Massage


Massage therapy, once considered a treat reserved for the affluent, has evolved to become a part of integrative medicine. As massage therapy grows in the mainstream, studies continue to validate the associated health benefits. Some Medical Centers are now recommending massage along with regular medical treatment. 

At Mayo Clinic, medical professionals may recommend massage therapy to help people cope with the pain and stress of various conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, stomach problems or fibromyalgia.

Studies of massage benefits have found massage can:

  • Help reduce stress

  • Lessen pain and muscle tension

  • Increase relaxation

  • Improve immune function

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Please contact Fulp Spinal Wellness Center for more information.

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