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Fulp Spinal Wellness Center, LLC was founded in 2015 by Drs. Sonya and J.P. Fulp. 


Sonya Dunn Fulp, BSED, MEd, DC

Dr. Sonya Fulp was born and raised in Tift County, GA. She grew up on a farm where she was instilled with good values and work ethics by her parents. Dr Fulp has always felt a call to help others.

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 Fulp Spinal Wellness Center

Dr. Sonya Fulp was an educator for 8 years before entering the field of chiropractic. She loved working with children as an early intervention educator and was a part of Tift County's Reading Recovery program. Being an educator was very rewarding for Dr. Fulp, but she felt that her true calling to help others was in the healthcare field. 

After leaving the field of education, Dr Fulp returned to Valdosta State University to take classes in the sciences. She participated in research in the Chemistry department and published articles on her research which are listed below. She worked in the Academic Support Center as a biology and chemistry tutor.  She was also a member and the president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society.

While pursuing her minor in Chemistry at Valdosta State University, Dr Sonya Fulp made the decision to enter the field of Chiropractic due to loving the holistic approach of medicine. 

J.P. Fulp, DC

Dr. J.P. Fulp was born and raised in South Georgia. He grew up on a farm where he was taught strong values and work ethics. Dr J.P. Fulp was a part of the workforce before deciding to return to college to pursue a degree in the sciences.

While attending Valdosta State University, Dr. Fulp was recognized for his academic success in the area of physics and chemistry. He was invited to go to the Department of Energy as a special guest. He also participated in research and was involved with publications in undergraduate school. Dr J.P. Fulp was a member and officer for Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society. 

Dr. Fulp decided to enter the field of Chiropractic due to his interest in holistic medicine. He wanted to bring this type of treatment back to South Georgia.

Why do we do what we do?
Many years before the Fulps became Doctors of Chiropractic, they were first Chiropractic patients. Their experience as patients varied from receiving the same generic treatments for different ailments to specific treatments tailored to specific needs. Both Dr. Fulps felt better results from specific care without all of the unnecessary jerking and twisting. This is the care they now strive to give as doctors.

At Fulp Spinal Wellness Center, patient care is based upon the needs of the patient and how a patient responds to treatment. Every patient heals differently based upon injury, lifestyle, and genetics. Your visits are always centered around achieving your optimal wellness, not a generic protocol.

Education and experience have taken the Fulps to many places, but they are glad to be home amongst friends and family to serve the people of Tift County and surrounding counties.

Noted Publications:

Iron Chelators in Medicinal Applications - Chemical Equilibrium Considerations in Pharmaceutical Activity

Author(s): Thomas Manning, Greg Kean, Jessica Thomas, Khaleh Thomas, Michael Corbitt, Donna Gosnell, Ronald Ware, Sonya Fulp, Joey Jarrard and Dennis Phillips

July 2009

Current Medicinal Chemistry 16(19):2416-29


​A 24-Hour Marine Science Exercise: An Upclose, Personal and Exhausting Exercise with the Ocean
Author(s): Mallory P. Brackin, Chelsea M. Connolly, Frédérique N. Dunham, Christina M. Dyson, David K. Edwards, Timothy W. Feuser, Katlyn M. Fix, Jamie P. Fulp, Sonya R. Fulp, Carissa R. Lannon, Stephanie N. Patterson, Christopher A. Pyles, Tiffany N. Stewart, Chris Shipman, Thomas J. Manning*:
Chem. Educator 15 (2010) 387-391
DOI 10.1333/s00897102311a

What some happy patients say:  

"After months and several doctors I finally got relief when I came here. I walked in with pain so bad I was in tears. I left with hardly any pain and a thankful smile.."

- Priscilla.

"Love, love, love my visits! Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring spirit. I really appreciate you taking such great care of me."

- Gail

"Always feel better leaving than when I came in. Dr. Fulp is the best"

- Tracy

"Good place and good people."

- Jason

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