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Fulp Spinal Wellness Center, LLC was founded in 2015 by Drs. Sonya and J.P. Fulp. 


Sonya Dunn Fulp, DC

Dr. Fulp was born and raised in Tift County, GA. She grew up on a farm where she was instilled with old fashioned values and ethics by her parents. Dr. Fulp was an educator for 8 years before pursuing her call to be a Chiropractor.

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 Fulp Spinal Wellness Center

J.P. Fulp, DC

Dr. J.P. Fulp was born and raised in rural south Georgia. He spent most of his youth on a tobacco farm where he learned the value of hard work. Dr Fulp was a blue collar worker for many years before pursuing a career in Chiropractic.

Why we do what we do?
Many years before the Fulps became Doctors of Chiropractic, they were first Chiropractic patients. Their experience as patients varied from recieving the same generic treatments for different ailments to specific treatments tailored to specific needs. Both Dr. Fulps felt better results from specific care without all of the unnecessary jerking and twisting. This is the care they now strive to give as doctors.

At Fulp Spinal Wellness Center, patient care is based upon the needs of the patient and how a patient responds to treatment. Every patient heals differently based upon injury, lifestyle, and genetics. Your visits are always centered around achieving your optimal wellness, not a generic protocal.

Education and experience have taken the Fulps many places, but they are glad to be home amongst friends and family to serve the people of Tift and surrounding counties.

What some happy patients say:  

"After months and several doctors I finally got relief when I came here. I walked in with pain so bad I was in tears. I left with hardly any pain and a thankful smile.."

- Priscilla.

"Love, love, love my visits! Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring spirit. I really appreciate you taking such great care of me."

- Gail

"Always feel better leaving than when I came in. Dr. Fulp is the best"

- Tracy

"Good place and good people."

- Jason

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